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Soul-Worthy Food

Filled ice cream cup and cone, side by side, displayed on ice cream shop counter.

The older I get, the more aware I become of my ever-growing self.

With every passing month, season, and year, I feel myself enduring great extents of change and growth. Evolution, perhaps, might be a more befitting word to describe the process.

Ideally, my self-evolution is for the better. As I read my Bible, stay present in God’s presence, and stick to my morals, I  cultivate admirable traits and habits. I begin to exemplify what it means to live a life dedicated to seeking God’s heart. I become someone that the Lord and I are proud of.

While being a child of God does imply that God is pouring Himself into you, making you the best version of you possible, I’ve begun to notice just how extremely delicate the human soul is. It is important to feed your soul soul-worthy food. Our souls are the crucial area where our physical and spiritual worlds meet. They are the embodiment of our thoughts, character, and personality. The health of our souls determine the fate of our salvation and standing with God. Basically, our souls are extremely vital… without a shadow of doubt.

The direction in which your evolution progresses is solely dependent on what you feed your soul. I learned that the hard way. If you are to feed your soul the materialistic junk of the world, you will be left empty; still searching for direction and answers important to your heart and livelihood. I liken it to eating food loaded with MSG. The compound adds flavor and taste to the food but at the cost of your bodily comfort later on in the day and in the long run. Focusing on the wrong things in life have been my “MSG”. I’ve been caring more about what others think of me than what God thinks of me. I’ve been carving out time in my schedule to watch YouTube videos that teach me new beauty and fashion tips that will serve me temporarily before the next trends come out, but not nearly enough time to communicate with the One that will make my life beautiful and sweet permanently.

My take on the world became very skin-deep and shallow for a period of time. I no longer had the depth of insight and passion that I once had. I was not as engaged in the beauty of living a life in harmony with the Lord. I ended up only being able to see the negative side of every situation, relationship, and interaction. What a miserable time!

Soul-worthy food is what nourishes your soul and brings you closer to experiencing the goodness of God. It’s 30 minutes spent in the Word everyday. It’s reaching out to those in need and engaging in fellowship with a brother or sister who is in need of a friend. It’s evaluating yourself and making sure that you are committed to daily activities that uplift you and glorify Christ. Soul food is the interaction between your heart and God’s.

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